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RPAC & RAPAC – Your Best Investment in Real Estate

RAPAC is not affiliated with any political party and is nonpartisan in its support of candidates. We identify and support political candidates who understand and support REALTOR® priorities. Our legislative allies are members of the REALTOR Party. You can help make the REALTOR® voice stronger by doing your part and investing in RAPAC today. RPAC and RAPAC are the only political groups in the country organized for REALTORS®, run by REALTORS® and exist solely to further issues important to REALTORS®. The REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) supports the election of pro-REALTOR® candidates across the United States. Closer to home, the REALTORS® of Arizona Political Action Committee (RAPAC) has raised funds to support local and statewide candidates in Arizona who will work with REALTORS® to promote and protect the American Dream of homeownership. Each voluntary investment that either RPAC or RAPAC receives is used and shared to support candidates for federal, state, and local office who demonstrate their support for the preservation of real property rights and the real estate profession. 

Think of your RAPAC and RPAC contributions as an investment - the best investment you’ll ever make in your business and yourself. It is your best insurance against poorly designed small business and commercial real estate legislation. If you’re not giving your fair share, you’re not doing all you can to better your profession, your business, and yourself. RAPAC is - and always will be - a fair, legal and vital way for REALTORS® to speak in a unified voice.

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RAPAC Summary
RAPAC is a vital part of the Phoenix REALTORS®  Government Affairs program - a program that includes professional lobbying, and long-term political relationships. RAPAC strives to educate city council members, legislators and members of congress about our industry and guarantees that no decision is made that will affect our industry, good or bad, until our voice is heard. The money contributed through RAPAC is used to provide support for governmental leaders campaigning for election who are favorable to real estate issues.


Sheryl Bowden   |   Deb D. Fisher   |   Sue A. Flucke   |   Margaret A. Lindsay   |   Benjamin Little   |   Cara McGuire   |   Sam Miller   |   Alyson Perkins   |   Juan Rascon‑Aguilar   |   Craig Sanford   |   Jim Sexton   |   Audrey Tolley   |   Christy Walker


Duane Fouts (inducted 2018)  |  Margaret A. Lindsay (inducted 2016)  |  Jim Sexton (inducted 2020)  |  Craig Sanford (inducted 2017)

NAR RPAC Major Investor Benefits

How does RAPAC save me money?

I currently make
in commissions each year
RAPAC saved me $
by defeating attempts to place a sales tax on my commission.
The highest sales price I negotiated for my clients was
RAPAC saved my clients $
by passing a Constitutional Amendment banning ANY real estate transfer tax. Sellers could have paid as much as 2.2% of the final sales price in taxes.


RAPAC gives the real estate industry a much-needed voice in the political realm. If you’ve ever worried about real estate transfer tax, Qualified Residential Mortgage rules (QRM), taxes on professional services, or property rights, then you already know that our industry constantly faces the threat of attack from legislators.

Did you know Arizona passed a constitutional amendment that bans real estate transfer taxes at the state, county and local levels? This was a REALTOR®-proposed amendment, that passed, in large part, due to the overwhelming strength of RAPAC.

Because of RAPAC, you will never have to worry about a real estate transfer tax in Arizona. But the fight is not over; the real estate industry faces new legislative challenges every day. The continued success of RAPAC depends on your investment. Protect your business - invest in RAPAC today.

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